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Reporting Repairs

Repairs should be reported to SAS Letting Agents Ltd using the following two options:

  1. Call our office on 01775 761303 our normal working hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday, Tuesday & Friday. 9,00am to 1.00pm Wednesday & Thursday.
  2. Online 24 hours a day by filling the contact form

When reporting a repair please be ready to provide us with the following information:

  • Your name, address and daytime telephone number
  • As much about the repair as possible
  • Whether you have reported the repair before

Anti Social Behaviour

The term anti-social behaviour covers any behaviour that would cause a nuisance, unreasonable disturbance or harassment.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home quietly and peacefully. You must not make too much noise, be a nuisance or disturb your neighbours and you must also make sure that anyone living with you or visiting your home behaves in a reasonable way.

Your tenancy agreement makes you responsible for ensuring that you or your family or your visitors do not harass anybody. If you or members of your household or visitors to your home are found to be responsible for acts of harassment, you would be in breach of your tenancy agreement and could be evicted from your home. 

Ending your tenancy

Once the initial 6 month term has expired you are required to give us at least four weeks' written notice before leaving your home and to leave your home in a clean and tidy condition.

It is important that you keep to this agreement otherwise you may be charged extra rent, or have to pay for any extra work we have to carry out before new tenants can move in.

1 - Give us at least 28 days' written notice.

When you intend to leave your home, you must give us at least 28 days' written notice. This is a legal requirement of your tenancy agreement.

2 - Continue paying your rent until your notice period expires.

Please remember you are responsible for paying your rent until your notice period expires.

3 – Forwarding Address.

Please issue us with your new address before you leave the property to enable us to inform utility providers that you have left the property. We will not forward mail to you after you have left the property.

4 - Clean your home when you move.

To help us re-let your home quickly, we require you to leave it - and your garden (if you have one) - in a clean and reasonable condition. Please make sure that both are clear of rubbish and your home is in a good state of repair. Repairs that are needed and are not your responsibility must be reported to us. Otherwise, we will charge you for the extra cleaning or repairs work.

5 - Hand over your keys to SAS Letting Agents Ltd.

You must hand in the keys (main keys together with any garage or communal door keys) at our main office. We will give you a receipt for your keys. If you do not hand in your keys you will have to pay another rent payment and pay for new keys to be issued via a locksmith. Before you leave, please make the property safe by locking all the doors and closing all windows.

6 - Pay all outstanding rent.

As a matter of policy, we chase up all outstanding arrears on your rent account - no matter how small they are. Please make sure that you pay the full amount of money you owe before you leave your home. Otherwise the debt will be passed on to a debt collection company which could result in a County Court Judgement.